(Picture above from Washington Wizards twitter @WashWizards)

General Game Information:

Where: TD Garden in Boston, Massachusetts.

When: Wednesday, May 10 at 8 pm EST.

Where to Watch: TNT


Wizards: none

Celtics: none

What to Watch For:


The Wizards have dominated this series, holding double digit leads in every game, yet somehow find themselves tied 2-2.  If they are going to win this series, they have to steal at least one win on the Celtic’s home floor.  Considering it took 19 three pointers in Game 1 and 53 points from Isaiah Thomas in Game 2 for the Celtics to win those games, the Wizards have to like their chances of stealing Game 5 or Game 7 at TD Garden if they can continue to play the way they have this series and especially in the last two games.


Here is the video of Oubre attacking Kelly Olynyk in case you have not already seen it:

(Via giphy.com)

Oubre has returned from his 1 game suspension, and there now arrises a question regarding how many minutes he will play.  The Wizards won Game 3 mostly without Oubre and Game 4 without Oubre, and Bojan Bogdanovic has caught fire from beyond the arc filling in for Oubre (Bogey’s minutes per game nearly doubled, going from 13 in the first two games to 25.5 in the most recent two).  As a result, do not be surprised if Oubre’s 26 minutes per game in Games 1 and 2 stay with Bogdanovic the rest of the series while Oubre is left to pick up the table scraps.


The Wizards have had at least one big run in every game where they score 14 or more points and hold the Celtics to 0 points during the same stretch.  These runs can be seen below in this tweet from the Washington Wizards:

Games 3 and 4 have featured larger runs of 20+ points, and uncoincidentally these are the two games that Washington has won.  The run in Game 3 came in the first quarter and essentially ended the game before it even started, while the run in Game 4 came in the beginning of second half and also essentially ended the game.  If the Zards can find a way to go on a similar game-ending run, this series could be over in 6.


I know the Wizards have lost both games away from home, but they have dominated this series and held a double digit lead in all four games.  The Wizards get another big lead at TD Garden and don’t blow it this time. Wizards 118 – Celtics 109

#FreeKelly – I will be using this hashtag for the rest of the playoffs, so hopefully we will still be seeing #FreeKelly in June.


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