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In case you haven’t heard yet, the Wizards traded the 52nd overall pick in the last night’s draft to the New Orleans Pelicans for point guard Tim Frazier.  While this may have made Thursday night a boring night for Wiz fans since the team has no picks, I believe this was a very good trade for Washington.  Tim Frazier is more ready to contribute in 2017-2018 than anyone the Wizards would have picked at the number 52 spot.

First and foremost, Frazier is a true point guard.  He averaged 5.2 assists per game in only 23.5 minutes per game, which is 7.9 assists per 36 minutes.  Frazier is careful with the ball.  His 3.32 assist to turnover ratio ranked 5th in the entire league this year among point guards.  This pass first mentality gives the Wizards their first pass first backup point guard since Andre Miller in 2014-2015.

Frazier is nothing special when it comes to scoring, but he is a capable enough scorer that will force the defense to pay attention to him.  He finished this past campaign scoring 7.1 points per game with a .403/.313/.760 slash line.

He might be small at only 6’1″, but Frazier is not a bad defender.  He averaged just under 1 steal per game and even contributed 1.4 defensive win shares.  Frazier won’t make any All-Defensive teams, but he is a major upgrade on defense over Trey Burke and Brandon Jennings.

Frazier is coming off a year in which he played in a career-high 65 games, including a career-high 35 starts, and he should be entering his prime as he turns 27 on November 1. Let’s all hope that Frazier will be the answer the Wizards have been looking for at backup point guard ever since Wall was drafted in 2010.

Grade: B-


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